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Longer Character Counts for Comments/Questions

Hey Exaptive Community - Anyone have any tips or idea if character counts can be increased from the 200 limit to add comments to questions, etc.?


-Austin @ the OKCID


Yes, you can increase the character count by changing he field from text to "longtext". You can do this by:

1. Selecting the element type in the planner and on the field you wish to change, click the ellipses and then "Change data type"

2. This will open a modal that will to select which type to change to. "longtext" has no character count limit and allows for a simple text area or a rich text editor.

3. Click confirm and the change will be made across the cognitive city. If there are a large number of elements in the element type, it may take a while to finish. In some cases it may even time out and looks as though it failed. If there are more than a hundred elements being modified by this operation and you get an error, try waiting 5 minutes and refreshing the page.


Kent - 

Thank you so much for this information! This makes total sense and is an easy fix.



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