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Changes in City

How do we see what changes happened in the city recently? Is there a change log that can be viewed?

We would like to be able to track it over time and see which user made each change/addition.

Christina, that's a great question. There is not a change log, but there are a couple ways to see what has been created or changed recently (substitute "updated at" for "created at" in the examples below for changes instead of creations). The easiest is probably a view. Here's an example of a pattern that would show anything created so far this year:

We do not have a "wildcard" element selector yet so you'd have to add a similar query for each element type you're interested in. A wildcard selector is something on our roadmap though, currently expected mid-year.

You can also make a view and style the element x (or y) position to by createdAt:

Which gives a histogram-like view:

The final way is by going to the Admin > Curator tool, showing the Created At column (under the "Columns" menu) and sorting by it:

Hope this is helpful!


Hi Kent,

Awesome thank you for this. It would be awesome in the next incarnation of this to be able to see which user made the creation or update.

Have a great day,



Thanks for the feedback! Having more visibility into how a city changes over time (and who are the ones changing it) is definitely something we plan to work on in the future. I don't have a good timeline of when that might occur though. 

Right now you can see who create or modified an element, but I think we only put that information on the "element page" which is not always readily accessible. Probably the easiest way to consistently view this is by adding "View" button to a view (Settings > Action Buttons > + to the element type you're interested in > View) which will add a redirect button like the one on "Foo" in the screenshot below.

If you click on that button it takes you to "Foo"'s element page where you can see the properties of "Foo" (as configured in the planner) and the "Additional Information" which is system information like when it was created or updated and by whom:

Another option is to automatically create "created" or "updated" connections to a user when they fill out a form. You can do this from the planner as well. You'll need to make sure you've already added the connection types you want to use, then go to the element type you're interested in and Edit > Forms > Actions. You can toggle on the connections on element creation or updating separately, and use "Select Path" to chose the connection type (which is why I mentioned earlier that they need to be created already).

This would let you make a view where you could see all the things a user had created or edited (or all the users who created or edited elements). But it is not "backward viewing", in other words, the connections won't exist for things created or updated before the above configuration occurs.


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