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Bug on Styling 'Event Logo' icon look up


Any tips on why an event logo may not be loading into a view with the node icon stylized to 'lookup logo?' We have tried multiple file types, and nothing seems to be working. Other nodes are loading display information just fine (i.e users, industries, etc).




Your configuration looks correct, our team is looking into this. I'll let you know as soon as I have more info!


This turned out to be a bug on our end. We believe that the bug was introduced around early January 2022, so if you have views created in January of 2022 they could be effected. The symptoms of the bug are properties not showing up correctly (as in this topic) or not downloading correctly via export. The the fix is in place on our servers, but to remedy affected views you may have to remove expansions and re-expand the elements in your view. Removing expansions is done via the settings icon in the bottom right side of the view and selecting "Remove expansion".

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