Note: you need to be a City Administrator to invite new user to the city

The Cognitive City has a built in feature for inviting new users. The invitation will contain a link to your City as well as links to help expedite the process of creating a new account for the invited user.

1 - Log in to the City at https://<your subdomain> Because you are an admin, you should see a left sidebar of admin options as shown in the screenshot below.

2- Click on “Admin” and you’ll be brought to the Users page by default. Once there, click the “Invite” button in the upper right:

3 - When the invite form opens, click on “add many at once”, since we want to invite a number of people all at the same time:

4 - When adding many users at once, you’ll want to put them into the form with their name followed by their email address in <>. This is exactly the format that is copied to the clipboard when you copy an address from the to field of an email. You can put a comma between different people or put them on separate lines, like shown in the screenshot below. After you put all the names in, click “Add Users”:

5 - If you’ve put the users in correctly, after you add them you should see them listed individually with their names and email addresses separated in the top of the form. If anything’s wrong you can correct it right there. Scroll down to the bottom of the form and you’ll see how many people are going to be invited. If a person is already in the City, they won’t be invited. Expand the “Personalize email invite” section and customize the message they will receive in the invitation:

Because the the individuals you're inviting might not know anything about the Cognitive City, customizing the message is important. We suggest saying something like:

“We’ll be using a tool called the “Cognitive City” to drive engagement of the ____ community. We’re giving you access into the Cognitive City to be able to _________. Once you join, please take a few minutes to follow the directions on the homepage for ______. This will help us build out our community library while also exposing you to how the Cognitive City works. Thank you!"

Notice that this doesn't start with “Dear ….” at the beginning of the message. That’s because the invitation will automatically personalize the message with Dear <name of person being invited>.

After you are happy with the message, click “Send Invite” to send the invitations.

6 - After you have sent the invitations, you can click on the “Invited Users” tab at the top of the Users page to check the status of your invitations:

If you notice that there is an invited user who hasn’t yet accepted their invitation, or a user who has accepted their invitation but hasn’t done anything in the Cognitive City yet, like add a resource, you can click the three dots to the right of their name to easily email them:

7 - Lastly, you might want to be notified whenever someone actually accepts an invitation and onboards into the City, so that you know they got it and the system is working. To add your email to the notification list, click on the “Onboarding” section of the Admin menu on the left and scroll down to the “Notifications” section at the bottom. Using commas to separate email addresses, add any emails that you want to receive notifications when new people signup to the City: