The Getting Started view you encountered when you first logged in to your new Studio or City is just meant to help you get going. Once you have created a useful interactive view we suggest you switch your homepage to your own view so that it will come up right when you log in. You can do this in the Admin -> Navigation settings:

If you have multiple people using your Studio or City, you can use the Admin -> Users page to assign different homepage views to different users.

If you are using your Studio or City primarily for crowdsourced data entry, you might want to experiment with the Data Entry homepage setting. In order for this to work properly, you first need to add at least one element type to the list of Element Creation options. The data entry homepage configures itself based on the types of elements you want to make it easy for people to create.

If you have a variety of views you'd like to make easily available you can also use the Navigation settings to add quick links to the top navigation bar.

If you change the homepage away from the Getting Started view and then want to refer to it again, you can select the "Training" option at any time to bring it back.