You can customize the branding of your Studio / City so that users experience it as your own organization's tool instead of as an Exaptive tool.

Simply click on Admin -> Branding in the left sidebar to see the options for customization.

Try the following to create a custom look and feel in just a few minutes:

  1. Upload your own logo.
  2. Change the City name and Description.
  3. Change the color palette.
  4. Logout and see how your changes make the initial landing page look entirely different.

If you really want a custom landing page experience, change the landing page option from the default (which is the logo/description on the left and a login prompt on the right) to any view that you've created.

Keep in mind that since people will be seeing this view before they log in, you'll have to set your view to be public in order to be able to use it as the landing page.