Exaptive's mission is to use technology not to automate human intelligence but to augment it. By creating a network-based model in your Studio or City you're laying the groundwork to be able to leverage a variety of powerful data-science algorithms in assisting you in gaining insight into the nature of your data.

Often your starting model lacks sufficient nuance and complexity to produce real insights, but when this starting network is augmented with metadata extracted algorithmically, the results can be quite illuminating.

To try this process on your own, experiment with using Exaptive's "Termscape" tool, which is accessible via Admin -> Analysis - Text Analysis:

This tool allows you to generate a conceptual landscape based on the terms that are used in particular fields of elements. The system will position elements closer together that are more conceptually similar and automatically detect clusters that represent common combinations of concepts. All of these results can be interactively explored to quickly understand what a dataset represents and discover hidden relationships not immediately apparent just by manually reviewing them individually.

You can access detailed help about using the termscape tool by clicking on the blue help button while on the tool:

This is an advanced feature, so we ask that you set up a free session with one of our experts to allow us to walk you through how to perform algorithmic analysis in a way that is best suited to your model and use-case.