Sometimes the information you want isn't stored anywhere except in people's heads. With your Studio or City it's very easy to create a low-barrier workflow for crowdsourcing data collection that can then be visualized and analyzed. It just takes 3 steps:

1. Create a view with an info panel that has a clear call to action and an action button that opens the collection form for the data you want to collect. Click the cog icon in the upper left and select "Controls" and "Info Panel" to set this up. (Read more about how to do this)

2. Set the view as the homepage or make it available via a menu option in the top navigation bar.

3. Ask people to participate by sending them an invite or email.

As people access the view and follow the steps you've outlined in the info panel they will be adding data to your model. This can happen in-parallel, asynchronously, world-wide. You can log in at any time and use the table-based or network-based views to see the information that has been collected and how it connects.

Use views to visualize the data, run Termscapes to analyze and cluster the data, and use our facilitated conversation methodology to help people discuss the results that emerge.