Some curation tasks lend themselves to the simple table view, but other forms of curation are best performed having the benefit of being able to see the whole network. In-Network Curation is when you use a View not just to look at the data but to curate it as well. As an admin of your Studio / City, your views will provide action buttons in the right detail panel that will allow you to edit elements, delete elements, and merge elements together.

In addition, you can configure any view to also support the creation of new elements directly from within in the view by clicking on the cog icon in the upper left and selecting "Controls":

Element creation can be accessed through the buttons that appear in the right detail panel or by right-clicking in the background of the network:

By adding controls to create, remove, edit, and merge elements through the view, you can create views that are fully-featured curation interfaces. You can use these to distribute the load of data curation by inviting others in to your Studio or City with a clear call to action to curate particular parts of the data. See the call to action concept for more details.