As you build your model the system will be automatically building a data collection form for each element type in the background. Even if you're planning to bulk upload data we suggest you familiarize yourself with these collection forms as they are an easy way to quickly test your model before uploading lots of data, and they are an important mechanism for adding interactivity to views and implementing crowdsourcing capabilities.

To see the auto-generated collection form just hover over an element type and click the "Add" icon:

Since element types are only given one property by default, called "Name". The collection form for newly created element types will be pretty simple, with fields just for entering the element's name and anything it's connected to:

If you want to add more fields to your elements, click on the "Adding Properties" concept to see how to refine the definition of your element types and evolve the collection forms in the process.We suggest that before you get too fancy with your element type properties you just use this method of quick manual entry to add a few elements for each element type, verify the data associated with individual element types by hovering over an element type and clicking on the "View" icon, and then visualize the network of how the element types connect with each other by hovering over an element and clicking on the "Visualize" icon.