If you want to import a lot of data at once, you can easily upload data from a spreadsheet into your model. Access the bulk import tool either by clicking "Data" in the left sidebar or by hovering over any element type in your model and then clicking the import icon:

The bulk import tool allows you to drag and drop an excel spreadsheet into the drop target or select it from your local computer.

You just need to make sure you've mapped the sheets and columns of your spreadsheet to match your model. This means:

  • The name of each sheet should match the name of an element type
  • The name of each column should match the name of a field contained in the definition of the element type. It's okay if the sheet has columns that don't map to any defined field - they will just be ignored, and it's okay if the sheet only has columns for a subset of the element type's field.

Also make sure that:

  • Each cell either has a single value or a delimited list of values using the same delimiter for every cell in the column.
  • There is no whitespace or merged cells in your spreadsheet.

So, taking the Getting Started view that you encountered on the homepage of your new Studio or City as an example, the model is two elements types with an "involve" connection type between them. A single .xlsx spreadsheet with one sheet called "Explainer" and one sheet called "Concept" can simultaneously create explainer elements, concept elements, and the links between them:

Notice that fields that link to other elements found in other sheets can be delimited using any character you want. Make sure to tell the import tool about delimited columns by clicking on the column name after you drop the file into the file target and setting the character used as the delimiter:

After you've identified any delimited columns and verified that he bulk upload tool is correctly recognizing the element types and the fields for those elements that you are trying to upload, click the "Calculate/Refresh" button at the bottom of the spreadsheet info list to prepare for the update:

After the bulk import tool calculates what the results of the upload will be, click the "Import" button to actually upload the data. Once the progress bars are done updating in the progress form that pops up, close the upload progress window and check the elements that appear under the Data option in the left sidebar to verify that the data is now in your Studio / City.