Once onboarding has been enabled for a City users may sign up and then want to change the information they provided during initial account creation. Or, if onboarding is optional, they may skip the onboarding questions and then later want to go back and fill them out. The City provides two ways for users to self-service the administration of their profile data.

The first is that they can simply access their profile by clicking on their avatar icon in the upper right corner of the top menu bar, and edit the data:

The second is that they can re-launch the onboarding survey at any time by clicking on the "new user survey" hyperlink contained within the text at the top of the profile page:

Re-launching the survey will not delete the user's previously entered answers. The pages of the survey will be populated with their previous answers and they can modify or adjust as desired.

If a user prefers that their profile metadata is not made visible to other members of the City, they can mark their account as private at any time: