Once forms have been created for a City, users can access these forms in several places to add their own data and content. For this example, users will be creating Sparks. Sparks are the digitized form of ideas captured in the City. This allows users to see how their ideas fit into the community as a whole, how they evolve over time, and how they turn into action.

The primary way to access a form is by clicking the plus (+) button in the upper right corner of the menu bar. Users can also open a form by clicking the Add SparkĀ button on the Your Sparks row of their homepage.

If the Administrator has made the form available as a tool, the user can also load it from the tools page:

Once a user has opened the form, they enter information according to the questions asked:

A user can both see and edit the Sparks they created from the homepage. They can click on the pencil icon to relaunch the spark form to edit it. On the homepage, users can also see the sparks other users have tagged them in with the Sparks You're Tagged In row.

Sparks can also be seen in the Community View, where they can show how sparks connect to people and other elements throughout the City:

Sparks are just one example of content that users can create in the City. Forms are set up in a flexible, configurable way to allow users to enter the content that is most relevant to the City and its mission. Questions are another form of content will appear later in the Making Your Users Productive tutorial. Other examples of custom forms could be 'previous projects' or 'future goals,' which would be set up in similar ways.