From a user's homepage, there are several ways to add new data to the City using survey forms. Community driven data entry through forms is one of the foundational ways to get content into the City.

If you have gone through the Opening the City Gates module, forms have the same structure as user onboarding. The questions asked in a form are completely configurable by the City administrator so that the admin can create forms tailored to the type of data being entered in the city and the information that needs to be collected. Form questions can be presented to the user as multiple choice, dropdown lists, or free-text. A form can consist of one or multiple pages, with one or multiple questions on each, and can use conditional logic to show certain pages based on previous questions' answers. The survey pages can also contain images, videos, or even embedded websites and tools - allowing you to provide context and educate your users not only on the purposes of the tools but also the mission of the City.

All of these configuration options are available via the Admin menu by clicking Forms in the Configure section:

You can create multiple forms in a City. Clicking on the ellipses (...) to edit this form will allow you to first edit some high-level settings, and then edit the JSON configuration that determines the form content and delivery:

Once you edit the JSON configuration, you can see a preview of the form in the creation interface, or save and view it live.

Once you create your form, you can allow users to access it through the homepage. Adding it to the homepage is optional. You can also share it as a tool, or simply give users the URL to directly access the form. To make your form accessible on the homepage, click on Personalize in the Customize section of the Admin menu, then add a new item under Header Options in the Element Creation section.

Once you've set up your survey form and configured the settings and sharing method as desired, your City is ready for users to enter their own data!