The Tools page of the City puts all the tools that users need in one place:

System Admins are able to add tools to the City via Tools in the Manage section of the admin menu:

City Admin Tools and System Admin Tools don't show up on the Tools page, but instead show up in the Admin menu. Clicking Create Tool, or Edit Tool for an existing tool, pulls up the form for providing the tool details:

The description field can handle markdown allowing for rich HTML content. This allows the creation of powerful landing pages for tools with explanations, video, etc:

Access level is set at the bottom of the Tools property page to determine who can see the tool:

The 'visibility' setting for the tool allows you to make public tools that are accessible only via URL instead of via the Tools page, and it also allows for the configuration of access control logic for a tool based on the various metadata properties associated with a user, including attributes:

Tools can be served either embedded in the City or as standalone pages. The screenshot below shows the difference between the same tool delivered as a separate page (left) or as an embedded tool (right):

Creating embedded tools are particularly useful for administrators, allowing an admin to access the tool without losing the ability to jump to other admin features using the left side menu. They are also useful for delivering a more consistent experience for end-users by delivering the tool within the overall City UX, allowing them to retain the top City navigation menu while using a tool. It's important to note that when linking to tools on external domains, restrictions implemented on the external tool site may prevent the ability to serve it as an embedded tool. In this case, simply deliver the tool as a standalone page.