When users first create an account in the City, they are guided through a series of questions to generate an initial profile for them:

These questions are completely configurable by the City administrator so that the admin can create an onboarding experience tailored to the needs of their users and able to collect the type of data needed for their use-case. Questions can be presented to the user as multiple choice, dropdown lists of options, freetext, etc. And the pages of the onboarding survey can also contain images, videos, or even embedded websites and tools - allowing you to provide context and education to your users so that they understand the point of the information they are providing and the mission of the City.

All of these configuration options are available via the Admin menu under Configure/Forms:

While a City can have multiple forms, only one is marked as "Onboarding". Clicking on the ellipses to edit this form will allow you to first edit some high-level settings, and then edit the JSON configuration that determines the onboarding content and delivery:

Once you set up onboarding, you can decide whether to make it optional or mandatory:

If you have made adjustments to a previous onboarding workflow, you can decide if you want to trigger all your existing City users to go through it again to capture the data for the new questions:

If you want to restrict who can sign up to the City, you can also set up an optional domain whitelist. This will restrict account creation to only users that have email addresses associated with the whitelisted domains. (Currently the whitelist is only available at a domain-wide level - you can't enter specific email addresses in the whitelist.)

Once you've set up your onboarding and configured the settings as desired, your City is ready for users!