Views allow users to explore different aspects of the City through different types of visualizations. The most prevalent visualization of the City is the network diagram, which we'll be using for this example. The admin menu has an option for "Views" that allows you to create a View:

After you create a new view, you'll be brought to the form to configure the view. The first decision to make is the computation method:

Then you use JSON and the UUIDs of the elements you want to show in the view, like using the API, to describe how the view should render:

After you save the view, you'll see the legend of the view showing you what was configured to be displayed:

This view can be launched view the View Live button, and the associated URL can be shared as a standalone application that is accessible only via URL link:

If you want the view to become available to users from within the Cognitive City itself, you'll need to Customize the City to show that view as an option in the Community dropdown list:

Once added, it becomes available for users from the Community page:

If you move the view to be the first view in the list of views, it will be loaded by default when a user accesses the Community page.