Exaptive makes it easy to query and update SQL databases. For a list of our current SQL related components, search for SQL in the Explore page. Here's a walk through of some basic tasks in the Studio.

Querying a SQL Database

I recommend getting started using this query component. Once configured to connect to the right endpoint and database, any SQL query can be passed to the query input and will return a duffle with the response results. 

Here's a look at populating the config input: 

It's also easy to quickly test the connection with a sample query, like this: 

Once you've established that everything is working the way you expect, you can start wiring in more sophisticated queries! 

Notice the data is returned as a Duffle. Not sure what a Duffle is? Check out, "What's a Duffle?" in Foundational Concepts

Updating a SQL Database

This same component can be used for executing update statements. 

Here, I send an update statement with the "Send Query" button, then resend the same query from above to review the update. 

This component supports most SQL statements and, while it's limited to MySQL databases, we have similar components for connecting to other SQL databases. 

For advanced string generation, check out this string templating component.