Component building and xap building are not entirely separable. Components are for xaps, and xaps are made of components. So this syllabus covers some of the same material as Learn to Build Xaps, but it approaches it from a different perspective. Here's how we suggest getting started building components.

1. If you haven't already, read the article on foundational concepts. These are terms and ideas you'll need to know. 

2. Follow up with the Exaptive Data Model, which reinforces some of the foundational concepts and gets into some necessary detail. 

3. Now, if you want to create a component, you've already got some programming or data science expertise that you're looking to apply in Exaptive. Check out the documentation on Working with Your Favorite Technology and find an article(s) that helps you orient your knowledge to the Exaptive framework. 

5. Now it's time to try it...with some guidance. Check out the tutorials. We're always adding more. There may be one on exactly the kind of component you want to build or something close. If not, we recommend starting with Accessing an API with Python. You'll learn a lot of the basic techniques and get oriented in your Studio.

6. Now check out the component library in your Studio. Find a component(s) that looks similar to what you've got in mind and read the component-specific documentation. See how it's been done before. 

7. After that, you may feel ready to dive into building a component on your own. Go for it! Be aware though that there is a section in the documentation on building components that has much more detail. Skim the topics, so you know what's there for you when you need information. 

8. At some point, you'll want to hook up your component to others to make a xap. You may already have a sense of how this works. You can check out the getting started syllabus on xaps for a way to learn more. 

9. Don't hesitate to get help from your Studio in the form of the discussion forum or a support request