Learning to create xaps requires learning some fundamental concepts behind Exaptive and how the Studio works. Here's a way to tackle the basics in a couple hours. 

1. To start, if you haven't already, read the Foundational Concepts.

2. Follow up with The Exaptive Data Model, which reinforces some of the concepts and gets into some necessary detail. 

3. From there, read the Dataflow User Interface article to get to know your work space.

4. Next read about configuring components and learn about the concept, projections. Projections are a concept unique to Exaptive. They are very powerful once you get to know them. If you read these articles, it'll make a lot more sense and really be off to the races when you start building xaps, especially with visualizations.

5. Next, check out the section on Working with Your Favorite Technology, and find an article that fits your background. Building a xap for you will likely involve building a component or two to access your data or conduct some analysis. The best place to start is with a language or framework with which you're already comfortable.   

6. Then, skim the topics covered in the sections on Building Xaps and Building Components. You won't need to read it all, but it will help to get a sense of what topics are ready for further learning when you need it.

7. Now, go to your STUDIO and check out the Getting Started Reference Xap (available in the Explore page). Find it and explore how it works. 

8. Finally, dive into the Build Your First Xap tutorial. You'll learn your way around the Studio, and you'll build the same reference xap that you just looked at.(You might peruse the other tutorial topics while you're there.)

9. Once you've done all that, you're ready to give it a whirl on your own! Come back to the documentation and tutorials when you need to. Don't forget the LEARN menu, which is your portal to the discussion forum, documentation, and tutorialsThere's also the component information pages, accessible from a number of places inside your Studio.