Exaptive’s mission is to facilitate innovation. Cities are a hotbed for innovation. Cities are where populations, perspectives, and interactions get large enough and diverse enough so as to reach a critical mass that sparks new ideas. At Exaptive, we are creating a virtual city where different types of users can access a variety of data-centric tools in order to solve problems, build applications, and contribute functionality that can evolve the shared environment.

Physical cities tend to run on money, land, and caffeine. Our Cognitive City's currency is components and xaps. A component is a bit of code that accesses data, performs an algorithmic function, or offers users a way to interact with information.

So, what are the destinations in our city?

Just like there are many physical cities in the world, we want to make it easy for there to be many cognitive cities. Organizations working with confidential data can easily set up a private city behind their firewall that is completely secure. Consortia and academic institutions can create semi-private cognitive cities specifically tailored to their populations. Or, individuals can join the free, public cognitive city that we've created at exaptive.city.