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Pro Tip: Conditional Form

Hey Exaptive clan!

Our city team as discovered a work around for creating a conditional form for the interim:

  • In your planner make your connection between elements
  • In the form that you are wanting the conditional form to pop up for, make sure that the name field is not marked Required and is then Hidden. This will eliminate the answer to the conditional form showing up over and over again.
  • image


  • image

  • In the form that you want the connection to happen from, create the field and add your question ex: "Are you ready to vet this Organization now?"
  • Add a description that gives only one option: Please answer yes if you are ready to enter detailed vetting for this Organization. If you are not ready please leave this field blank.
  • It is important that the field you want the conditional form to pop up from is not a required field
  • View ex:image

  • When the required response is entered your conditional form will pop up to be completed

Hope this helps :)

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That's a neat trick! Have you tried it multiple times though? I'm worried that on subsequent forms you'll start typing "yes" and it will try to autocomplete to the one already created.


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