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integrate google docs or handsontable like spreadsheet editor

It would be nice if I could enter data into an embedded spreadsheet style service such as google docs or handsontable and have a component output that as an exaptive ready duffle. This would make prototyping a bit easier or make it easier for people to add annotation layers to graphs.

Hi Tom,

This sort of spreadsheet functionality is something we've wanted for a while too. We've just been experimenting with a new third-party library to support this, and Mark has a demo xap. I've asked him to share this with you to get some feedback. He should be in touch shortly.



Tom, here's the xap in question:

Let me know if that link doesn't work, I'm hoping it sends you to the explore page for that component. The SpreadJS component is still in a raw-ish form, but does a few things:

Given a header column and data under it, outputs a duffle where each row is an entity any time a cell changes.

You can send a duffle to SpreadJS and it'll render a special editable table, but the column headers are uneditable.

Through the UI you can do standard excel functions:

Cell references

Various functions:

Once you add the xap I sent, typing something like this should render a small network.

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