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IDE coding efficiency

The IDE is powerful but sometimes feels slow because there's too much mousing. 

If I want to change script and test the change I must 

1) hover over the component, 

2) mouse to the pencil, 

3) then click the script. 

4) When I'm done I must mouse to the save button (or click ctrl+s) and 

5) mouse to close the component edit dialogue box.

6) mouse to an input node then click it

7) mouse to the send value button and then click it

8) click in another area of the IDE to close the dialogue box because i can't see the blue input/ouput nodes hilight because the dialogue box is likely covering them. 

Left hand keyboard shortcuts (default) would be nice. and could easily remove some process steps and when shortcuts are used should remove animations. 

Candidate process

1) ctrl+click the component in the IDE to open component edit box

2) hit 's' to bring up the script edit box (other edit areas can have their own inputs)

3) ctrl+shift+s to save script and close component edit box when save is complete

4) mouse to and ctrl+click input node to automatically send

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Hi Tom, 

Thanks for sharing this. I've passed it along to the dev team. 


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