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component labels in ide

i'm losing track of which component is which in the IDE as I have 9 duffle filters and 9 select list prompts. it's rather annoying having to write down which is which so i can move them around in the html and find which one i want to edit when i identify an issue in testing.

how about a keyboard shortcut that toggles showing names as a hover? 

Hi Tom, 

We run into this as well and have plans to make this process easier. Are you asking for an ability to rename components (like in the old system) and have that reflected in the HTML? 


there are two problems

in the wire frame i can't quickly see which component is which.

in the files view i can't tell which component is which because they have generic names like "selectList_7". I have no idea what select list 7 is unless i go back to wire frame and start looking at some of the inputs/outputs.  I have 9 select lists in my xap...

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