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Xap name editing screen

What does Domain mean in the lightbox that appears when you click on your Xap name in the Xap Builder? That seems like a word with lots of different meanings depending the context, and I think we should aim to have screens like that be 99.9% self-explanatory. I don't want to have to look at documentation to explain that. So maybe a different label or some grey help language to explain what Domain means in that context. 

Hi Mike, 

The idea is that Xaps are, in effect, components. All components have a domain of Javascript, Python, R, or Dataflow. Xaps are part of the Dataflow domain. I wanted to make sure you understand that, but do agree it's currently not clear and should be. 

I kinda get it. Probably a matter of my own limited knowledge. For what it's worth, the word Domain is confusing there. I'm not sure what value it provides. But again, might just be that a matter of perspective. 

oops, that was me, Mike, signed in as DevTeam. 

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