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Hitting the return key in the component browser doesn't re-run the search

I've run into this a couple times:

1. I'm in the xapbuilder, and I search for a component by typing something in, for example "csv"

2. I get some results, but not the components I'm looking for.

3. In another tab, I open the Explore page, find the component I want and add it to my studio.

4. I return to my xapbuilder tab, which still has the component browser open and the search term in the search box.

5. I hit the enter key to re-run the search, and I don't see any new results.

6. Confused, I delete a letter from the search and type it again, and the new component appears.

I don't think I should have to do step 6 - hitting enter should re-run the search.

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