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Issue: Exaptive Xaps or Studio do not load in Internet Explorer

Issue: you attempt to load the Exaptive Studio or a pre-built Xap in Internet Explorer. The page shows as completed loading, and the Exaptive icon appears in the tab, but no page content is loaded.

Reason: Exaptive requires certain features that may be disabled by default for Internet sites, depending on your computer's security policy.

Resolution: Add to your Trusted Sites and refresh your page

To accomplish this, open the Internet Options window from within Internet Explorer > Settings, the Control Panel, or search "internet options" in the Windows search bar, and do the following:

- Go to the Security tab

- Click on the Trusted sites (green checkmark) zone

- Click the Sites button

- Type in the "Add this website to the zone:" textbox

- Click the Add button to add the entry

- Click Close to close the Trusted sites dialog, then Ok to close the Internet Options/Properties window

Refresh the page after adding the trusted site, and the page should now appear.

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