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Eliminate separate login for tutorials

shouldn't have to create and enter a separate login for tutorials. I guess there's an open question of whether one should have to be logged in at all. On one hand, why not make it freely viewable by anyone who comes across it, so that they can get intrigued and possibly sign up for an account. On the other hand, maybe we want to control how people happen upon us and random tutorials aren't the first impression we'd prefer. I guess in balance, I'd just eliminate any need for a login to see the tutorials. But I'm good either way, as long as it isn't separate from just logging into the city. 

Hey Mike, 

We've set us Single Sign On with our forum (what you're using here) as well the tutorials link. Meaning when you reach them from you will be assigned a username and password and logged in automatically. This will be deployed in the next release. 

For both and people who aren't affiliated with Exaptive are able to create their own accounts without having an account with Exaptive. This ability may, in time, be removed to avoid trolling and the like on the forum.  

Trolling. Hadn't thought of that. Good point. 

Hi Mike, 

This issue has been resolved. Let me know if you have any other questions. 

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