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partial integration of documentation and tutorials

It'd be very helpful to have more hyperlinks in documentation and in tutorials and in between the two, linking use of concepts to the documentation and/or tutorials that explain those concepts. 

I also wish that while looking at the full index of documentation, I had some easy links in the same environment to "getting started" lessons, or a suggested curriculum of tutorials and documentation reading to get started or learn more complicated tasks. 

and, on the same topic but at a slightly higher level, the complete separation and different looks of documentation v. tutorials feels artificial and a bit obstructing. it's one learning experience, with materials for different purposes. how do we integrate it so that it feels like one(ish) environment where I go to learn. sometimes I might go just to read an article.  sometimes I might go to be taught something, but they'll inevitably intertwine and right now it feels too hard to go back and forth. 

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