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Would like to see some "Quick Start" material

Many systems have "quickstart" guides. I'd like to see some of these for Exaptive - either short documents or videos that allow a new user to very quickly see what the system does and the steps they can follow to get started as quickly as possible either building components or xaps.

I agree. It'd be great if the documentation had an alternate view that showed which of them one should read to get started. "Quick Start" or "Getting Started" feels different than welcome. Welcome is conceptual. Getting Started is practical. What should I read to get started? All of the articles? If not, which ones? 

Thanks for adding your comment, Mike. Question: which would be more appealing to you as QuickStart material - some short videos you could watch, or some short written documents, almost like blog posts? Or something else?

I'd love a combo, like a Getting Started syllabus, e.g. "Quick Start: Watch these 2 videos and read these 3 articles" or something like that. That way it could just point you to existing tutorials and documentation. Or it could be a separate thing. 

I posted a separate comment that the division between documentation and tutorials feels forced right now. There's value in having an index of documentation, as we have. There's value in having tutorials that are a linear way of doing one thing. We're missing something in between that's a broader learning schedule, like a "Getting Started", that could be a selection of tutorials and documentation that support learning on a particular kind of task or topic.

I have written a quick start guide in my blog:

Please free to share it with others if you think it is useful.

Thanks, Yuchao! 

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