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Example of Projection

My problem: 

I'm making a projection for network data. Entities have a `type` that is either `node` or `edge`. I give that entity multiset to a node and an edge projection, and I expect the duffle selector or the entity filter to do this job.

I set my entity filter to `type == 'node'`, and get "Cannot read property 'type' of undefined". 

I read through the documentation on value selectors here, but there are no examples (except for a ternary statement.)

I believe a general solution to my problem would be solved by documentation:

What is an example of a projection? Not conceptually, but in our implementation, what values go in what fields to create a projection?

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Hey Mark, 

Thanks for letting us know. I'll look into finding an answer and adding it to the documentation. 

When it's added, it will be here

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