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Anonymous/Temp components

I know there's debate as to if they should exist or not, but they still seem like they have a place in the new system.

Really what I'm looking for is the ability to write one off bits of logic in a xap that I'm not looking to reuse. If I end up needing it multiple times, I can then take the time to generalize it out into a reusable component, but going in, I'm not always sure what the best abstraction is and I don't want to clutter my studio with components I don't want to see again.

Currently, data gates can be 'used' for this, but I know that's not their purpose and that 'feature' could break at anytime.

Is the roadblock to writing your own anonymous component that the UI doesn't work well for it in the new system? 

Creating a component that accepts arbitrary javascript as an input string would be doable, but yes, the UI for editing that input string wouldn't be that great since it would just be a standard text area without code highlighting, line numbers &c. And not quite sure how to handle n+ inputs/outputs, but I guess generative components would work for that.

Hi David Rice,

This does seem like a deficiency in the system. I am adding this to our backlog.


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