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[Xap Builder] Wire Terminals in Visual Xap Editor


Could be helpful to have named wire in/out terminals that allow "wireless" connections, to potentially declutter a xap. For example, say a component has one output and you wire it to input terminal "A". Somewhere else in the xap, you have an output terminal "A" wired into another component's input, thus creating a "wireless" connection between two components. You could also have multiple output terminals for the same input terminal.


I like this idea. Will help complex xaps look less "tangled" with a lot of wires all over the place.


I think this violates the dataflow concept too much to have it completely wireless. I think a better solution may be to have 'layers' of wires so that you could turn off wires' display for a given layer. Otherwise you could inherit a xap to work on and everything is wireless and it's difficult to see what's going on.

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