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[Xap Builder] Ask if the user really wants to change pages


It would be nice to be asked if you really want to change pages while in the xap builder. It might just be out of habit with where the button was positioned in the old city pages, but I keep clicking on `Studio` when trying to get back to the dataflow from the live view.

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This is similar to if you're in a text field, something changes in the editor so the field no longer has focus, and you hit `delete`, you get redirected to a previous page, losing your progress.


Hey David, 

A recent change was made to provide the ability to hide the top level navigation, does this fit your needs?


Yes, that works! Thanks!


There are still actions that you can take that will cause you to lose work, and those aren't clear to me yet (So they won't be clear to users.)

E.g. refreshing. Hitting the back button at the wrong time. Navigating away via the hidden buttons.

It'd be nice to prompt the user if they're going to lose work. I regularly lost small amounts of work in the past few days. Stuff like wires, added components, saved inputs, because as a user I forget about them as I'm working.

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Yah... the delete key is a killer

Hi David, 

We've added this feature. Thanks for your input! 


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