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Xap debug breakpoints?


I'm not sure if this feature makes sense, but being able to put a little stop-sign like a data merge gate into the dataflow for debugging might be nice. They'd be placed on wires, and when data hit them, they'd pause and let me examine the state of the xap. When I hit a button on the breakpoint, it'd resume the xap.

Probably hard to do and low priority, but may be useful in some cases. I suppose putting a breakpoint on the handler of an input of a wire would kind of get this effect, but that requires opening dev tools. 

Doing this in the xap editor seems powerful for helping pure xap builders debug things. But like I said, low priority and probably pretty hard.


When I say "like a data merge gate" I meant visually and in size.


if you wrap the expression in a self calling anonymous ftn, you might be able to throw in a `debugger;` statement as a hack? havn't tried it 


oh nice. That may then behave exactly like I want minus the UX/UI aspects of a tiny stopsign.

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